Summer Student Program 2018

The frontier of research can be experienced with the various themes about nuclear fusion. We are looking forward to participating the students who want to enroll in SOKENDAI. Let’s research with real researchers in the frontier of fusion research!

* The official language through the Summer Student Program is Japanese.
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* ”Topics” and “Application Process” were updated. (June 1)
* Application has been closed. (June 30)


August 20 (Mon.) – 24 (Fri.), 2018


National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) Access

Qualification Requirements

Undergraduate students and technical college students (4-5 grades in departments and students in advanced courses) who want to enroll in SOKENDAI


About 30 students
*Adoption will be notified at the beginning of July.

Registration Fee

Free of charge
*Accommodation facility in National Institute for Fusion Science is offered. Subject to the report submission, transportation and accommodation fees will be supported.


A research theme chosen among Plasma experiment, Advanced engineering, Theory, and Simulation can be experienced independently in a small group with the support by researchers and SOKENDAI students. Facility tour, lectures, and guidance are also performed with other participants. The levels of research themes are for undergraduate students.


List of Topics


Aug. 20 (Mon.)   Opening (13:45~), Facility tour, Banquet
Aug. 21 (Tue.)    Morning meeting (9:00~), Research experience, Lecture (Director, Prof. Y. Takeiri)
Aug. 22 (Wed.)   Morning meeting (9:00~), Research experience
Aug. 23 (Thu.)    Morning meeting (9:00~), Research experience
Aug. 24 (Fri.)      Poster session (9:00~), Guidance, Closing (12:20)

Report from Participants (in Japanese)

奈良工業高等専門学校 専攻科1年・Kさん

東京工業大学 3年・Mさん

金沢大学 3年・Iさん


Past Summer Student Programs

List of Summer Student Programs

Application Process

Application has been closed. (Deadline: June 30)


Research Support Division, Graduate Student Affairs Section, National Institute for Fusion Science
Phone: +81-(0)572-58-2042 E-mail : from here