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1) Development of imaging bolometers for multi-dimensional tomography of radiative structures in LHD.
2) Role of impurity radiation in the operational density limit in LHD.
3) Role of magnetic island enhanced radiation localization on detachment in LHD.

講 座 核融合システム講座
所 属 高温プラズマ物理研究系
部 門 イメージング計測研究部門
学 位 Ph.D.
業 績 -B. J. Peterson, Seungtae Oh, Dongcheol Seo, Juhyeok Jang, Jae Sun Park, Kiyofumi Mukai, and Wonho Choe, ‘Signal to noise ratio of upgraded imaging bolometer for KSTAR’, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 89 (2018) 10E115.

-B. J. Peterson, R. Sano, M. L. Reinke, J. M. Canik, L. F. Delgado-Aparicio, J. D. Lore, K. Mukai, T. K. Gray, G. G. van Eden and M. A. Jaworski, ‘Preliminary design of a tangentially viewing imaging bolometer for NSTX-U’, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87 (2016) 11D410 (3 pages).

-B. J. Peterson, E. A. Drapiko, K. Mukai, M. Kobayashi, S N. Pandya, R. Sano and the LHD Experiment Group,’Imaging bolometers for visualization of plasma radiation and cross-validation of three dimensional impurity transport models for the Large Helical Device', Plasma Fusion Research 8 (2013) 2402037 (4 pages).
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