Overview of an entrance examination

This department has followed the five-year doctoral program system since 2006. Graduates of the undergraduate course can apply for admission. It is also possible to apply for the conventional three-year doctoral course, as an enrolled into the third-year class.

The application for admission is open twice a year, in summer and in winter. The screening is conducted by examining submitted documents, the results of the written examination, and an interview.

Please refer to the application guidelines with regard to the details of the entrance examination. It is also possible to obtain information from the website.

A list of the entrance requirements

 5-year doctoral course3-year doctoral course
QualificationsGraduates of an undergraduate
Master’s degree or a
professional degree
ScreeningSubmitted application documents, results of written examination (English and special subjects), and interviewSubmitted application documents, results of written examination (English essay), and interview (mainly regarding past study and plans for future research)
Conferring degreeDoctor of Philosophy
AdmissionOctober this yearThe following AprilThe following October
Early JulyEarly July / Late NovemberLate November
Mid- AugustMid- August / Late JanuaryLate January
Notification of
Early SeptemberEarly September / Mid- FebruaryMid- February