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河村 学思
Assistant Professor


Teaching content

Numerical studies on peripheral plasmas between the core and the wall in magnetic-confinement fusion devices. Modeling researches of SOL/divertor plasmas with fluid description and Plasma-Wall-Interaction researches with particle simulation are the main topics. Closer cooperation between simulation and experiment, modeling based on theoretical descriptions, and skills of numerical calculations and data processes are expected to be acquired.

Course Division of Fusion Simulation
Affiliation Fusion Theory and Simulation Research Division
Department Peripheral Plasma Analysis Research Section
Degree Doctor of Engineering
Works -G. Kawamura, H. Tanaka, K. Mukai, et al,Three-dimensional impurity transport modeling of neon-seeded and nitrogen-seeded LHD plasmas, Plasma Physics and Controled Fusion 60 (3029) 084005

-G. Kawamura, J. Miyazawa, T. Goto, et al, Application of EMC3-EIRENE to Estimation of Influence of a Liquid Metal Limiter on an LHD-Type Fusion Plasma, Plasma and Fusion Research 13 (2018) 3403034

-G. Kawamura1, Y. Feng, M. Kobayashi, et al, First EMC3-EIRENE Simulations with Divertor Legs of LHD in Realistic Device Geometry, Contributed to Plasma Physics 54 (2014) 437-441
Responsible course Special Lecture: " Practice of UNIX and Fortran programing ( Basic exercise on physics and engineering Ⅲ ) "


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