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中西 秀哉
Associate Professor


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The acquired data amount in fusion research experiments now causes so-called “data explosion” phenomena, which continue growing about 50 % annually along the famous Moore’s law. It will be 10 times for 5 years, and 10 thousand times for about 20 years of a typical life span of big scientific research projects. The fundamental information and communication technology (ICT) must be altered several times through the period.
For example, the following research subjects can be supervised:
– “Big data” database and distributed archiving technology
– Fast search and retrieval methods for Multimedia data, e.g. pattern matching algorithm, etc.
– Automated discovery methods for physical events and phenomena
– New remote experiments’ environment based on virtual reality technology
– Distributed system architectures with high bandwidth-delay product networks

Course Division of Fusion System
Affiliation High-Temperature Plasma Physics Research Division
Department Data Processing and Analysis Research Section
Degree Doctor of Philosophy
Works -H. Nakanishi, M. Ohsuna, M. Kojima, S. Imazu, M. Nonomura, M. Emoto, M. Yoshida, C. Iwata, K. Ida, "Real-time Data Streaming and Storing Structure for the LHD's Fusion Plasma Experiments", IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. (IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science) vol.63 (2016) 222-227.

-H. Nakanishi, M. Ohsuna, M. Kojima, S. Imazu, M. Nonomura, T. Yamamoto, M. Emoto, M. Yoshida, C. Iwata, M. Shoji, Y. Nagayama, K. Kawahata, M. Hasegawa, A. Higashijima, K. Nakamura, Y. Ono, M. Yoshikawa, S. Urushidani, "Data acquisition system for steady-state experiments at multiple sites", Nuclear Fusion vol.51 (2011) 113014-6.

-H. Nakanishi, M. Ohsuna, M. Kojima, S. Imazu, M. Nonomura, M. Hasegawa, K. Nakamura, A. Higashijima, M. Yoshikawa, M. Emoto, T. Yamamoto, Y. Nagayama, K. Kawahata, LHD Experiment Group, "DATA ACQUISITION AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF LHD", Fusion Science and Technology vol.58 (2010) 445-457.
Responsible course Special Lecture: " FPGA Training Course (Hands-on Seminar) " / SODENDAI: " Basic digital circuit design and development for measurement and control systems "
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