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大谷 寛明
Associate Professor

OHTANI, Hiroaki

Teaching content

I will give an instruction of research by computer simulation to investigate the physics of fundamental processes of plasma, such as structure formation and self-organization of plasma in an open system. To solve the dynamics of plasma in the wide time-space scale range in plasma physics, we are working on the development of multi-scale simulation models, which can solve the physics self-consistently and simultaneously from the micro scale to the macro scale. We are also working on the development of scientific visualization technology (three-dimensional virtual-reality expression), which is one of the important factors in pushing forward the simulation science and the cooperation with the experiments and device development

Course Division of Fusion Simulation
Affiliation Fundamental Physics Simulation Research Division
Department Plasma Particle Simulation Research Section
Degree Doctor of Science
Works -H.Ohtani, M.Shoji, N.Ohno, Y.Suzuki, S.Ishiguro, A.Kageyama and Y.Tamura:Visualization of Dust Particle Data with Plasma Simulation Results Using Virtual-Reality System, Contributions to Plasma Physics, Vol.56, No.6-8, (2016) pp.692-697.

-H.Ohtani, K.Hagita, A.M.Ito, T.Kato, T.Saitoh and T.Takeda: Irreversible data compression concepts with polynomial fitting in time-order of particle trajectory for visualization of huge particle system, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol.454, (2013) 012078.

-H.Ohtani and R.Horiuchi: Open Boundary Condition for Particle Simulation in Magnetic Reconnection Research, Plasma Fusion Research, Vol.4 (2009) 024.
Responsible course SOKENDAI: " Fundamentals of Simulation Science "
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