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Teachers List

Assistant Professor

SHEN, Jingjie

Teaching content

Study on materials development for blanket and divertor application in fusion reactors, (1) to improve the high temperature strength; (2) to enhance the irradiation damage resistance; (3) to resist high heat load, etc.

Course Division of Fusion System
Affiliation Fusion Systems Research Division
Department High Heat Flux Plasma Facing Materials Research Section
Degree Doctor of Engineering
Works [1] J. Shen, T. Nagasaka, T. Muroga, H. Yang, S. Kano, H. Abe, Microstructural evolution of two-way cold rolled 12Cr ODS steel under 1073–1373 K annealing, Nuclear Materials and Energy 25 (2020) 100792.

[2] S. Jiang, J. Shen, T. Nagasaka, T. Muroga, A. Sagara, S. Ohnuki, K. Hokamoto, S. Tanaka, D. Inao, Y. Morizono, R. Kasada, P. Zheng, Interfacial characterization of dissimilar-metals bonding between vanadium alloy and Hastelloy X alloy by explosive welding, Journal of Nuclear Materials 539 (2020) 152322.

[3] J. Shen, H. Yang, Y. Li, S. Kano, Y. Matsukawa, Y. Satoh, H. Abe, Recrystallization behavior of a two-way cold rolled 12Cr ODS steel, Fusion Engineering and Design 143 (2019) 99-105.


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