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小林 政弘
Associate Professor


Teaching content

This lecture is an introduction to SOL (scrape-off layer) and divertor plasma transport in the magnetic fusion devices. The roles of SOL/divertor plasma, the control of heat, particle and impurity transport, are lectured. Especially, the emphasis is put on the basic physics of the plasma transport as well as on the history of divertor concept development. The recent results from LHD with interpretation in terms of transport modelling are also presented.

Course Division of Fusion System
Affiliation High-Density Plasma Physics Research Division
Department Impurity Transport Research Section
Degree Doctor of Engineering
Works -M. Kobayashi, Y. Xu, K. Ida et al. "3D effects of edge magnetic field configuration on divertor/scrape-off layer transport and optimization possibilities for a future reactor" Nuclear Fusion, Vol.55, 2015, p.104021.

-M. Kobayashi, S. Masuzaki, I. Yamada et al. "Control of 3D edge radiation structure with resonant magnetic perturbation fields applied to the stochastic layer and stabilization of radiative divertor plasma in LHD" Nuclear Fusion, Vol.53, 2013, p.093032.

-M. Kobayashi, S. Morita, M. Goto " Space-resolved visible spectroscopy for two-dimensional measurement of hydrogen and impurity emission spectra and of plasma flow in the edge stochastic layer of LHD" Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol.88, 2017, p.033501.
Responsible course Special Lecture: " Lecture and practice of fundamental technics for diagnostics (Basic exercise on physics and engineering I ) "