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仲田 資季
Associate Professor

NAKATA, Motoki

Teaching content

Theory and simulation researches/educations on turbulence phenomena in high-temperature magnetized plasmas are conducted. Large-scale supercomputer simulations based on the five dimensional gyrokinetic theory investigate micro-instability (ITG, TEM, ETG, KBM, etc) driven turbulent transport processes in toroidal plasmas. Quantitative comparisons with experimental measurements in helical and tokamak devices and the predictions for the future burning plasmas are carried out. Also, fundamental physics on the self-generated zonal flows and their nonlinear interactions with turbulent vortices in kinetic plasma turbulence is explored.

Figure: An example of five-dimensional gyrokinetic turbulence simulations for helical (LHD: Left) and tokamak (ITER: Right) plasmas, where physical mechanisms of the heat and particle transport, and the formation of zonal flows and turbulent vortices are investigated.

Course Division of Fusion Simulation
Affiliation Fusion Theory and Simulation Research Division
Department Core Plasma Simulation Research Section
Degree Doctor of Philosophy
Works -M. Nakata, K. Nagaoka, K. Tanaka, H. Takahashi, M. Nunami, S. Satake, M. Yokoyama, F. Warmer and the LHD Experiment Group, “Gyrokinetic microinstability analysis of high-Ti and high-Te isotope plasmas in Large Helical Device”, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, vol. 61, (2019), 014016

-M. Nakata, M. Nunami, H. Sugama and T. -H. Watanabe, "Isotope effects on trapped-electron-mode driven turbulence and zonal flows in helical and tokamak plasmas", Physical Review Letters, vol. 118, (2017), 165002

- M. Nakata, M. Honda, M. Yoshida, H. Urano, M. Nunami, S. Maeyama, T. -H. Watanabe and H. Sugama, "Validation studies of gyrokinetic ITG and TEM turbulence simulations in a JT-60U tokamak using multiple flux matching", Nuclear Fusion, vol. 56, (2016), 086010
Responsible course Special Lecture: " Practice on physical mathematics ( Basic exercise on physics and engineering Ⅲ ) "


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