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田村 直樹
Associate Professor


Teaching content

Transport characteristics of heat and impurity in magnetically-confined high-temperature plasmas can be studied. For instance, 1) understanding of the impurity transport characteristic in stellarator plasmas, 2) establishment of the effective control method of the impurity transport, 2) understanding of the characteristics of transient improvement of heat transport invoked by the edge cooling. In these studies, a tracer-encapsulated solid pellet (TESPEL), which has been originally developed by our research group, will be used. The development study of a new TESPEL and its injector for advanced study can be also possible.  


Fig. Fabricated TESPEL (Gold particles are embedded into a micro polystyrene ball with the outer diameter of 0.9 mm)



Course Division of Fusion System
Affiliation High-Temperature Plasma Physics Research Division
Department Particle Transport Research Section
Degree Doctor of Philosophy
Works -N. Tamura, C. Suzuki, S. Satake, Y. Nakamura, M. Nunami, H. Funaba, K. Tanaka, M. Yoshinuma, K. Ida, S. Sudo, and LHD Experiment Group, “Observation of the ECH effect on the impurity accumulation in the LHD,” Physics of Plasmas Vol.24 (2017) pp. 056118-1 – 056118-9.

-Tamura, S. Sudo, C. Suzuki, H. Funaba, M. Takagi, N. Satoh, H. Hayashi, H. Maeno, M. Yokota, H. Ogawa, “Improvements in a Tracer-Encapsulated Solid Pellet and Its Injector for More Advanced Plasma Diagnostics,” Journal of Physics: Conference Series Vol. 823 (2017) pp. 012003-1 - 012003-5.

-N. Tamura, S Sudo, C Suzuki, H Funaba, Y Nakamura, K Tanaka, M Yoshinuma, K Ida and The LHD Experiment Group, Mitigation of the tracer impurity accumulation by EC heating in the LHD, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion Vol. 58 (2016) pp. 114003-1 - 114003-10.
Responsible course Special Lecture: " Basic Course for Vacuum Technology (Basic exercise on physics and engineering Ⅰ) "
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