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柳 長門

YANAGI, Nagato

Teaching content

The engineering on large-scale superconducting magnet systems is introduced along with the basics on fusion reactor engineering. The lecture includes the superconductivity physics, electromagnetic phenomena in cables and conductors and application to magnets. The present working area is the helical-type fusion reactor design and development of large-current capacity high-temperature superconducting conductors for fusion magnets.

Course Division of Fusion System
Affiliation Device Engineering and Applied Physics Research Division
Department Fusion Device Engineering Research Section
Degree Doctor of Engineering
Works -Nagato Yanagi, Takuya Goto, Junichi Miyazawa, Hitoshi Tamura, Yoshiro Terazaki, Satoshi Ito, Teruya Tanaka, Hidetoshi Hashizume, Akio Sagara, "Progress in the Conceptual Design of the Helical Fusion Reactor FFHR-d1", Journal of Fusion Energy 38 (2019) pp.147–161.

-Nagato Yanagi, Satoshi Ito, Yoshiro Terazaki, Yutaro Seino, Shinji Hamaguchi, Hitoshi Tamura, Junichi Miyazawa, Toshiyuki Mito, Hidetoshi Hashizume, Akio Sagara, "Design and development of high-temperature superconducting magnet system with joint-winding for the helical fusion reactor", Nuclear Fusion 55 (2015) 053021.

-Nagato Yanagi, Yoshiro Terazaki, Satoshi Ito, Hitoshi Tamura, Shinji Hamaguchi, Toshiyuki Mito, Hidetoshi Hashizume, Akio Sagara, "Magnet design with 100-kA HTS STARS conductors for the helical fusion reactor", Cryogenics 80 (2016) pp. 243–249.
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