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菅野 龍太郎
Associate Professor

KANNO, Ryutaro

Teaching content

Collisional transport phenomena of toroidal plasma, for example, the particle and heat transport affected by resonant magnetic perturbations, are studied by computer simulations solving the drift kinetic equation. Monte Carlo methods and stochastic modeling, which are based on probability theory, are also of my interest, and are applied to the transport simulations.

Course Division of Fusion Simulation
Affiliation Fusion Theory and Simulation Research Division
Department Energetic Particle Simulation Research Section
Degree Doctor of Science
Works -R.Kanno, G.Kawamura, M.Nunami, Y.Homma, A.Hatayama, K.Hoshino, "Global modelling of tungsten impurity transport based on the drift-kinetic equation", Nuclear Fusion, No.1, Vol.60 (2020) 016033.

-R.Kanno, M.Nunami, S.Satake, S.Matsuoka, H.Takamaru, "Electron heat diffusivity in radially-bounded ergodic region of toroidal plasma", Nuclear Fusion, No.1, Vol.58 (2018) 016033

-R.Kanno, M.Nunami, S.Satake, S.Matsuoka, H.Takamaru, "Development of a Drift-Kinetic Simulation Code for Estimating Collisional Transport Affected by RMPs and Radial Electric Field", Contributions to Plasma Physics, No.6-8, Vol.56 (2016) pp.592–597
Responsible course SOKENDAI: " Mathematical Physics "
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