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松岡 清吉
Assistant Professor

MATSUOKA, Seikichi

Teaching content

Global transport phenomena in magnetized plasmas are studied by using large sale supercomputer simulations. Global full-f gyrokinetic simulation based on the first principle is used to explore the transport physics in heliotron/stellarator plasmas, which have complicated three-dimensional magnetic field structures. Simulation results are qualitatively/quantitatively compared to experiments to clarify and understand the underlying physics of the plasma transport, which enables us to predict/assess the performance of the plasma confinement in future devices.

Course Division of Fusion Simulation
Affiliation Fusion Theory and Simulation Research Division
Department Plasma Transport Analysis Research Section
Degree Doctor of Philosophy
Works -S. Matsuoka, Y. Idomura, S. Satake, “Neoclassical transport benchmark of global full-f gyrokinetic simulation in stellarator configurations”, Physics of Plasmas 25, 022510 (2018).

-S. Matsuoka, Y. Idomura, S. Satake, “Global kinetic simulations of neoclassical toroidal viscosity in low-collisional perturbed tokamak plasmas”, Physics of Plasmas 24, 102522 (2017).

-S. Matsuoka, S. Satake, R. Kanno, H. Sugama, “Effects of magnetic drift tangential to magnetic surfaces on neoclassical transport in non-axisymmetric plasmas”, Physics of Plasmas 22, 072511 (2015).
Responsible course Special Lecture: " Practice on physical mathematics ( Basic exercise on physics and engineering Ⅲ ) "
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