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小林 達哉
Assistant Professor


Teaching content

Plasma turbulence, which has various spatial and temporal scales, is considered to be the cause of anomalous transport in fusion plasmas. Data analysis techniques that are needed for the study of plasma turbulence will be provided.

Course Division of Fusion System
Affiliation High-Temperature Plasma Physics Research Division
Department Particle Transport Research Section
Degree Doctor of Science
Works -T. Kobayashi, M. Sasaki, T. Ido, K. Kamiya, Y. Miura, Y. Nagashima, K. Ida, S. Inagaki, A. Fujisawa, S.-I. Itoh, and K. Itoh, “Quantification of turbulence driving forces for the geodesic acoustic mode in the JFT-2M tokamak”, Physical Review Letters 120 045002 (2018)

-T. Kobayashi, K. Ida, S. Inagaki, H. Tsuchiya, N. Tamura, G. H. Choe, G. S. Yun, H. K. Park, W. H. Ko, T. E. Evans, M. E. Austin, M. W. Shafer, M. Ono, D. López-bruna, M. A. Ochando, T. Estrada, C. Hidalgo, C. Moon, H. Igami, Y. Yoshimura, T. Ii. Tsujimura, S.-I. Itoh and K. Itoh, “Analysis of higher harmonics on bidirectional heat pulse propagation experiment in helical and tokamak plasmas”, Nuclear Fusion 57 076013 (2017)


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