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Large-scale kinetic simulations of fusion, space and astrophysical plasmas. For example, turbulent transport phenomena in helical fusion devices and collision-less magnetic reconnection in Earth’s magnetosphere. Development of numerical schemes to include various atomic processes and complicated structures of device components and equilibrium magnetic fields in the edge region of helical fusion devices.

Course Division of Fusion Simulation
Affiliation Fundamental Physics Simulation Research Division
Department Plasma Particle Simulation Research Section
Degree Doctor of Science
Works T. Moritaka, R. Hager, M. Cole, S. Lazerson, C-S Chang, S. Ku, S. Matsuoka, S. Satake, S. Ishiguro, “Development of a Gyrokinetic Particle-in-Cell Code for Whole-Volume Modeling of Stellarators”Plasma 2, 179-200 (2019).

T. Moritaka, Y. Kuramitsu, Y-L. Liu, S-H. Chen,“Spontaneous focusing of plasma flow in a weak perpendicular magnetic field, Physics of Plasmas 23, 032110 (2016).

T. Moritaka, Y. Kajimura, H. Usui, M. Matsumoto, T. Matsui, I. Shinohara, “Momentum transfer of solar wind plasma in a kinetic scale magnetosphere” Physics of Plasmas 19, 032111 (2012).


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