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室賀 健夫


Teaching content

Research instruction on fusion reactor materials and systems, especially on (1) mechanism of radiation damage and property improvements for the fusion in-vessel materials, (2) fabrication technology for improvement of materials and components, (3) materials research for blankets and divertors, and (4) materials irradiation facilities and irradiation test technology.

Course Division of Fusion System
Affiliation Fusion Systems Research Division
Department Plasma-Material Interaction Research Section
Degree Doctor of Engineering
Works -Takeo Muroga and Hiroyasu Tanigawa, Japanese Fusion Materials Development Path to DEMO, Fusion Science and Technology, 72 (2017) pp. 389~397

-T. Muroga, Refractory metals and alloys as core materials for Generation IV nuclear reactors, in Structural Materials for Generation IV Nuclear Reactors, edited by Pascal Yvon, Woodhead Publishing in Energy, Number 106 (2016) pp. 415~440.

-J. Knaster, A. Moeslang, T. Muroga, Materials research for fusion, Nature Physics, 12 (2016) pp.424~434.


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