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武村 勇輝
Assistant Professor


Teaching content

I provide the research guidance about the experimental study on MHD equilibrium and MHD stability in helical plasmas.

Course Division of Fusion System
Affiliation High-Density Plasma Physics Research Division
Department Magnetohydrodynamic Research Section
Degree Doctor of Philosophy
Works -Y. Takemura, Experimental Study on Slowing-Down Mechanism of Locked-Mode-Like Instability in LHD, Plasma Fusion Research 12 (2017) pp.1402028-1~7

-Y. Takemura, Comparison of Rotation of Interchange Mode in Large Helical Device Plasmas with Various Ion Species, Plasma Fusion Research 13 (2018) pp.3402037-1~4

-Y. Takemura, Study of slowing down mechanism of locked-mode-like instability in helical plasmas, Nuclear Fusion 59 (2019) pp.066036-1~8