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Teaching content

Current drive and control of plasmas using high power electromagnetic waves

Techniques for generation and transmission of high power electromagnetic waves

Course Division of Fusion System
Affiliation Plasma Heating Physics Research Division
Department Electron Heating Physics First Research Section
Degree Doctor of Science
Works Yasuo YOSHIMURA, et al.
Investigation of Capability of Current Control by Electron Cyclotron Waves in the Quasiaxisymmetric Stellarator CFQS
Plasma and Fusion Research, 17, 2022, 2402039

Yasuo YOSHIMURA, et al.
Effect of Electron Cyclotron Current Drive on the Ion Temperature in the Plasma Core Region of the Large Helical Device
Plasma and Fusion Research, 13, 2018, 1402124

Y Yoshimura, et al.
Stable sustainment of plasmas with electron internal transport barrier by ECH in the LHD
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 60, 2018, 025012


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