I have been at NIFS for 5 years as a graduate student and for a year as a postdoctoral researcher. I involved myself to the research and development for the method of operating fuel gas such as hydrogen gas for the generated large scale high temperature plasma inside of the LHD.
An advantage of being a student of SOKENDAI is that an extraordinary experience of the fusion research is opened.  You are able to install equipment which is designed and produced by yourself with LHD which is the world class superconducting plasma confinement device. Besides the experiment of LHD, the learning environment of SOKENDAI has many excellent researchers and fulfilling with well-equipped facilities for students who desire to research the fusion science research generally.
Also, attending a workshop or a seminar are the opportunities to interact with students from other departments, share your knowledge and find out what they do.  It was fun for me to know what other fields do.
It’s important that the advanced research of fusion science needs many researchers and technical engineers and they should be well-cooperated, and abilities to carry out to achieve the project.
Joining such large scale experiments was variable and great experience to me in graduate school days.  I appreciate to supervisors and teachers who enthusiastic in teaching, they provided me with good support, encouragement and scholarly advice throughout this study.
Studying of general engineering of nuclear fusion science has generally enhanced the quality of my work, so the knowledge and experience through my studies while at SOKENDAI is still very useful and helpful.