You can download the questions of the major subjects in the previous entrance examinations. Applicants are to choose 3 questions out of the 6 questions. Subject choices in 2018 were mathematics, classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, and electrical engineering. Bringing anything except writing utensils is prohibited. The examination time is 3 hours.

The English questions in the previous entrance examinations are not disclosed because of the copyrights. Only the examination style is informed here as follows.

The examination is composed of 2 translation questions. One is the translation of an English passage with about 200 words into Japanese and the other is the translation of a Japanese passage with about 200 characters into English. The passage theme of each question has a wide variety. Translations are shown for the words that are supposed to be difficult to translate. An English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionary is provided in the examination. Bringing anything except this dictionary and writing utensils is prohibited. The examination time is one and a half hours.

Samples of Past Entrance Examination Wednesday May 11th, 2016