Doctoral theses of department of fusion science are listed below.
If you would like to inspect or copy them, please contact (1) authors, (2) National Institute for Fusion Science Library, (3) SOKENDAI Library, or (4) National Diet Library. Doctoral theses which the authors approved to disclose can be browsed from here.

30-4熊谷 公紀フッ化物溶融塩中における中性子反応生成水素同位体の挙動甲第2062号工学H31.3.22
30-3小林 汰輔LHD の周辺磁場領域における3 次元炭素発光分布構造に関する研究甲第2061号理学H31.3.22
30-2SEGUINEAUD Guillaume JULIEN MARIEStudy of hydrogen pellet ablation cloud via spatially resolved spectral measurement甲第2027号理学H30.9.28
30-1LIU YangExperimental study on tungsten EUV spectroscopy in LHD for high-temperature plasma diagnostics甲第2026号理学H30.9.28
29-4坂東 隆宏LHD における重水素プラズマのMHD 不安定性に関する実験研究甲第1986号工学H30.3.23
29-3XU YueTungsten coatings effects on hydrogen isotopes bi-directional permeation through the first wall of a magnetic fusion power reactor甲第1967号工学H29.9.28
29-2BI HailinHydrogen isotopes transport in liquid metals under steady state plasma bombardment甲第1966号工学H29.9.28
29-1PIANPANIT TheerasarnParticle simulation study on the formation of the detached plasma甲第1965学術H29.9.28
28-6舟場 久芳LHDにおける高ベータプラズマの熱輸送特性に関する実験的研究乙第249号工学H29.3.24
28-5HUANG BotszImproved Neoclassical Transport Simulation for Helical Plasmas甲第1909号学術H29.3.24
28-4大野 誠Study on coupling between MHD oscillation and turbulence in toroidal plasmas using beam emission spectroscopy甲第1908号理学H29.3.24
28-3寺﨑 義朗ヘリカル型核融合炉に適した高温超伝導・大電流積層導体の安定性に関する研究甲第1907号工学H29.3.24
28-2ZHANG HongmingStudy on three-dimensional structures of impurity ion distribution in stochastic magnetic field layer of LHD using high spatial resolution EUV spectroscopy甲第1874号理学H28.9.28
28-1GENG ShaofeiCharged Particle Dynamics of Negative-ion-rich Plasma in the Negative Hydrogen Ion Source for NBI甲第1873号理学H28.9.28
27-03HUANG XianliStudy on spatial structure of core impurity ions using EUV spectroscopy in LHD甲第1787号理学H27.9.28
27-02FU HaiyingDissimilar-metal bondings for reduced-activation ferritic/martensitic steel, oxide-dispersion-strengthened steel, and stainless steel甲第1786号工学H27.9.28
27-01DU XiaodiResistive Interchange Mode destabilized by Helically Trapped Energetic Ions in Helical Plasma甲第1785号理学H27.9.28
26-04佐野 竜一Development of 3D radiation measurement using IR imaging video bolometers for the study of radiation collapse in LHD甲第1746号工学H27.3.24
26-03後藤 涼輔拡張MHDモデルを用いたRayleigh-Taylor不安定性の成長に対するHall項及びジャイロ粘性効果の影響の数値シミュレーション研究甲第1745号理学H27.3.24
26-02Zhou HaishanA study on bi-directional hydrogen isotopes permeation through the first wall of a magnetic fusion power reactor甲第1708号工学H26.9.29
26-01Pandya Shwetang NalinQuantitative study of 3D radiation dynamics during resonant magnetic perturbation assisted detached plasmas in the Large Helical Device甲第1707号理学H26.9.29
25-02宮澤 健微量イットリウム添加バナジウム合金の機械的性質と中性子・重イオン照射による変化甲第1658号工学H26.3.20
25-01WANG ErhuiDevelopment of two-dimensional EUV spectroscopy for study of impurity behavior in ergodic layer of LHD甲第1628号理学H25.9.27
24-03Zheng PengfeiInvestigation on high temperature deformation mechanism and strengthening of V-4Cr-4Ti alloys甲第1546号工学H24.9.28
24-02Hao WANGSimulation Study of Energetic Particle Driven Alfven Eigenmodes and Geodesic Acoustic Modes in Toroidal Plasmas甲第1545号学術H24.9.28
24-01Ming TingfengDevelopment of high-speed vacuum ultraviolet imaging camera system for high-temperature plasma diagnostics甲第1544号学術H24.9.28
23-07渡邉 崇Studies on electrochemical surface modification for molten salt blanket system in fusion reactor甲第1485号学術H24.3.23
23-05村上昭義Study on fueling characteristics of supersonic gas puffing applied to large high-temperature plasmas甲第1483号工学H24.3.23
23-04齋藤欣也Interaction between Static Magnetic Islands and Interchange Modes in Heliotron Plasmas甲第1482号理学H24.3.23
23-03Jyoti Shankar MishraA study of pellet-plasma interactions using fast three-dimensional imaging in Large Helical Device甲第1451号学術H23.9.30
23-02Zhang DongxunDevelopment of Er 2 O 3 Coating by MOD Method for Liquid Blankets甲第1450号工学H23.9.30
23-01DONG ChunfengA study on radial profile of impurity line emissions using EUV spectrometer in LHD甲第1449号理学H23.9.30
22-05仲田資季Vortices, Zonal Flows, and Transport in Gyrokinetic Plasma Turbulence甲第1410号理学H23.3.24
22-04松岡清吉Effects of Finite Orbit Width on Neoclassical Transport in High-Temperature Helical Plasmas甲第1412号理学H23.3.24
22-02Zhou HangyuA study of spatial structures of bremsstrahlung continuum and Z eff based on visible spectroscopy in LHD甲第1375号理学H22.9.30
22-01和田山芳英核融合用Nb 3 Al導体及びコイルの高性能化に関する研究甲第1374号工学H22.9.30
21-04Sariful Haque BhuiyaDevelopment of an energy independent spherical type neutron dose monitor甲第1322号工学H22.3.23
21-02Shi ZhongbingStudy of turbulence in a reversed field pinch plasma by microwave imaging reflectometry甲第1278号理学H21.9.30
21-01Li YanfenEffects of thermal ageing on mechanical property and microstructure for reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steels甲第1277号工学H21.9.30
20-04Li BinElectron Dynamics in Steady Collisionless Driven Reconnection甲第1226号理学H21.3.24
20-03Caesar Ondolan HarahapDevelopment of a New Simulation Method for Multi-fluid Flows with Moving Interfaces甲第1225号学術H21.3.24
20-02Xu QiCompatibility of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel with Liquid Lithium甲第1192号工学H20.9.30
20-01Malay Bikas ChowdhuriDevelopment of flat-field EUV spectrometers with absolute calibration and study of impurity behavior in edge plasmas on LHD甲第1191号理学H20.9.30
19-08渡辺 隆核融合技術応用に基づく陶磁器焼成過程の研究乙第 183号工学H20.3.19
19-05Bansal GourabFeasibility Studies on Large-Current Capacity HTS Conductors for Fusion Magnets甲第1126号工学H20.3.19
19-03Li, ZaixinBenchmark study on neutronics performance of liquid blankets甲第1089号工学H19.9.28
19-02Veshchev, EvgenyDevelopment of Fast Neutral Particle Diagnostics and Study of Suprathermal Ion Behaviors in LHD Plasmas甲第1088号学術H19.9.28
18-04片井隆志Spectroscopic study on forbidden magnetic dipole transitions in LHD甲第1036号理学H19.3.23
18-03Li, HuailinLow Cycle Fatigue Properties of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel(JLF-1) at Elevated Temperature甲第985号工学H18.9.29
18-02Khan, RiazSimulation study on nonlinear dynamics of ballooning modes in a spherical tokamak甲第984号理学H18.9.29
17-11Jiming,ChenEffects of Solute Interactions on Mechanical Properties of Vanadium Alloys Developed for Fusion Reactors乙第155号工学H18.3.24
17-06Yakovlev, MykhayloTransient Electron Heat Transport in LHD甲第897号学術H17.9.30
17-05姚 振宇Development of Insulating Coating on Vanadium Alloys for Liquid Lithium Blanket of Fusion Reactors甲第896号工学H17.9.30
17-04Smirnov, RomanStatics of Dust Particle on Plasma-Facing Wall and Dynamics in Boundary Plasma甲第895号理学H17.9.30
17-03Kalinina, DianaStudy of Impurity Behavior in NBI and ECR Heated LHD Plasmas by means of Tracer Encapsulated Solid Pellet Injection甲第894号理学H17.9.30
17-02辺見 努高温超伝導コイルの電磁特性に対する線材内遮蔽電流の影響に関する研究甲第893号工学H17.9.30
16-06相羽信行Theory and Computational Method for the Stability Analysis of External MHD Modes in Toroidal Plasmas甲第842号理学H17.3.24
16-05神保成昭The Strike Point Pattern on the Local Island Divertor in LHD甲第841号学術H17.3.24
16-04塩崎 優歳差ドリフトフィッシュボーン不安定性の非線形発展甲第840号学術H17.3.24
16-02阿部陽介Numerical simulation of momentum transport processes through gas-liquid interface甲第838号理学H17.3.24
16-01李 百文The Complexities on Ultra-Intense Laser Interaction with Plasmas甲第799号理学H16.9.30
15-04中村希一郎Development of a two-dimensional lithium beam probe for edge plasma diagnostic in the compact helical system甲第757号工学H.16.3.24
15-03宮沢順一Study of fueling on the Large Helical Device by Gas Puffing and Compact Toroid Injection乙第125号学術H.15.9.30
15-02南 貴司Study of Neoclassical Internal Transport Barrier with YAG Thomson Scattering Measurement on Compact Helical System乙第124号理学H.15.9.30
14-06Ljubomir NikolicComplexity in a Relativistic Wave-Plasma Interaction甲第676号学術H.15.3.24
14-05P. R. GontcharovExperimental Study of Helical Plasma Ion Component with Passive and Active Neutral Particle Diagnostic Techniques甲第675号学術H.15.3.24
14-04Shi-Yang ZouCollision Processes of Low Charge Ions with Atoms in Fusion Plasma甲第674号理学H.15.3.24
14-03Nam-Jin HeoImpurity Behavior and Weld Joint Properties of Low Activation Vanadium Alloys for Fusion Reactor甲第673号工学H.15.3.24
14-02佐竹真介Neoclassical Transport Theory for the Near-Axis Region of Tokamaks甲第672号学術H.15.3.24
14-01田村祐一Development of Virtual Reality Environment for Large Scale Numerical Simulation乙第106号工学H.14.9.30
13-06李 敬宏Repeated and Sudden Reversals of Dipole Field Generated by A Spherical Dynamo Action甲第594号学術H.14.3.22
13-02芦川直子Development of Infrared Imaging Bolometer and Measurement of 3-D Plasma Radiation Structure in LHD甲第590号学術H.14.3.22
13-0 1マルコフ, アレキサンドラThe Statistical Properties of the Particle Radial Diffusion in the Presence of the Magnetic Field Irregularities甲第554号学術H.13.9.28
12-02小渕 隆LHDプラズマにおける真空紫外域でのC6+イオンと水素原子の低エネルギー荷電交換反応の研究甲第520号学術H.13.3.23
12-01梁 雲峰Soft x-ray Imaging with CCD Camera for Magnetically Confined High Temperature Plasma甲第493号学術H.12.9.30
12-0 5裴 文兵Long Time Scale Evolution of Collisionless Driven Reconnection in a Two-Dimensional Open System甲第523号工学H.13.3.23
12-0 4笹尾 一LHDにおけるECE計測とそのプラズマ輸送解析への適用甲第522号工学H.13.3.23
12-0 3神谷健作The multichannel motional Stark effect diagnostic in the JFT-2M tokamak甲第521号工学H.13.3.23
11-07水口直紀Simulation Study on Relaxation Phenomena in Spherical Tokamak甲第460号工学H.12.3.24
11-06広瀬敬一プラズマにおける力学系の分岐とカオス −標準写像における周期軌道の分岐とイオンシースに関連した散逸系カオス−甲第459号理学H.12.3.24
11-05近藤 隆Experimental Study on Fast Ion Losses in the Compact Helical System甲第458号学術H.12.3.24
11-04黒田 徹Gyrokinetic Analysis of Ion Temperature Gradient Modes in Helical Systems甲第457号理学H.12.3.24
10-09西浦正樹Plasma Diagnostics in Negative Ion Sources by Laser Photodetachment甲第396号理学H.11.3.24
10-08陳 勁Global mode analysis of ideal MHD modes in heliotron systems甲第395号学術H.11.3.24
10-07後藤 晋Direct-Interaction Approximation
Principles and Applications
10-05クロペンコフ, コンスタンチンImpurity Transport Study by means of Tracer-Encapsulated Pellet Injection甲第392号学術H.11.3.24
10-04今井敏博Electron detachment from negative hydrogen ions in collisions with neutral atoms and positive ions at high energies甲第391号理学H.11.3.24
10-03マイケル, モチェチコフNegative hydrogen ions production in the tandem-type microwave plasma source甲第351号工学H.10.9.30
10-02パヴリチェンコ, ロスティスラフDevelopment of a Pulsed Radar Reflectometer for Compact Helical System Plasmas甲第350号学術H.10.9.30
10-01高山定次MSE Spectroscopy in CHS Heliotron/Torsatron甲第349号理学H.10.9.30
09-08高丸尚教Super Ion-Acoustic Double Layer乙第51号理学H.10.3.24
09-07保坂一元Secondary charged particle emissions induced by low-energy ion impact on non-metallic surfaces甲第325号理学H.10.3.24
09-05浜辺 誠Experimental study of enhancement techniques used in the volume-production-type negative hydrogen ion source甲第323号学術H.10.3.24
09-04西村 伸Observation of the Non-uniform Poloidal Flow of Impurity Ion on Magnetic Surfaces using Bidirectional Charge Exchange Spectroscopy in CHS甲第322号理学H.10.3.24
09-03西村香純Particle Simulation Study on Tilt Stabilization in a FRC Plasma甲第321号学術H.10.3.24
09-02高橋俊樹Collisionless Stochastic Scattering and Related Loss of Plasma Particles in a Field-Reversed Configuration甲第320号理学H.10.3.24
09-01岩崎光太Double charge transfer processes of impurity ions with hydrogen molecule in steady-state plasma and edge region of Tokamak甲第293号理学H.9.9.30
08-09Michael, Charles HettrickOptical Design and Experimental Development of Grazing Incidence Fixed Slit Spectrometers for High Resolution Plasma Diagnostics乙第40号学術H.9.3.24
08-07尾崎政男Particle and MHD Simulations on Nonlinear Plasma Dynamics Related to Magnetic Reconnection乙第38号理学H.9.3.24
08-05李 成洙Heavy Ion Beam Diagnostic of MHD Instabilities in the Compact Helical System甲第270号理学H.9.3.24
08-02岩瀬 誠Electron Power Deposition Profile in Electron Cyclotron Heated Plasmas甲第267号学術H.9.3.24
08-01汪 衛星Monte Carlo Simulation on the Scrape-off Layer Plasma甲第231号学術H.8.9.30
07-09Muhamad, NatsirExperimental Study on Reduction of Hydrogen Content in Low Z Thin Films by Controlling DC Glow Discharge Conditions甲第201号工学H.8.3.21
07-08益田伸一Strong Electron Heating in CHS ICRF Heating Experiments甲第200号学術H.8.3.21
07-07Inga,Yurievna, TolstikhinaTheoretical Studies of X-Ray Satellite Spectrum Formed in highly Charged Ion Solid Interactions甲第199号理学H.8.3.21
07-06朱 少平Relaxation and self-organization of an MHD plasma甲第198号学術H.8.3.21
07-04仙波智行Thermal Behavior of Composite Superconductors and an Advanced Winding Method for Large Superconducting Helical Coils甲第196号工学H.8.3.21
07-03鞠 重山Development of an Imaging VUV Monochromator in Normal Incidence Region甲第195号学術H.8.3.21
06-04谷池 晃Energy Loss Mechanism of a Gold Ion Beam on a Tandem Acceleration System甲第134号学術H.7.3.23
06-03榊原 悟Experimental Study of MHD Instabilities Based on Magnetic Fluctuation Measurement in Low-Aspect-Ratio Helical Plasmas甲第133号工学H.7.3.23
06-02長壁正樹Measurement of Neutron Energy on DーT Fusion Plasma Experiments甲第132号学術H.7.3.23
06-01天羽宏嘉Energy Relaxation and Topological Change of Continuously Twisted Magnetic Flux Tubes甲第131号学術H.7.3.23