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About Us


SOKENDAI is a graduate university which provides superior doctoral studies programs in international research fields and learning environments. Students develop an outstanding knowledge of scientific frontiers while working with leading researchers in the world. SOKENDAI was established in 1988 as the first independent graduate university in Japan that does not provide undergraduate courses.

The administrative office of SOKENDAI is in Hayama-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture. Other campuses where academic activities are promoted in fields ranging from the arts and humanities to science and engineering are located in various areas of Japan.

To develop fusion power as a future energy source, scientific understanding of high temperature plasma physics and advanced engineering for realizing a fusion power plant are absolutely necessary. For these purposes, we promote a complementary approach of high temperature plasma experiments, integrated theoretical research, numerical simulations using a supercomputer, and material studies.

The unique point of the department is that students learn a wide range of cutting edge scientific and engineering knowledge such as plasma physics, atomic physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, superconductivity engineering, material engineering, vacuum engineering, and information engineering. This is because fusion science requires highly integrated synthetic research.