Philosophy in School of Physical Sciences

School of Physical Sciences aims the training a high degree of expertise at the forefront of the world that targets substance, space, energy and chemical phenomena related to the human resources.

Philosophy in Department of Fusion Science

Department of Fusion Science aims to realize the fusion energy that targets the experimental and theoretical research of the high temperature plasma, heating system, diagnostics, superconducting materials and fusion reactor technology.

Prospective student for Department of Fusion Science

It has a strong interest and passion to a wide range of research leading to the fusion energy.

Admission policy in Department of Fusion Science

  • We do the examination from the point of view of finding the appropriate enrollment properly in School of Physical Sciences.
  • To test comprehension, expressive power, insight, and English, the examination is implemented.
    It not only the score of the examination test, applicants personalities and qualities, motivation, etc., also taking into account a variety of potential, in the interview.