Philosophy in School of Physical Sciences

School of Physical Sciences aims the training a high degree of expertise at the forefront of the world that targets substance, space, energy and chemical phenomena related to the human resources.

Philosophy in Department of Fusion Science

The Department of Fusion Science conducts experimental research on high-temperature plasmas, using large fusion experimental devices, and various engineering research necessary for fusion reactors with a view to realizing nuclear fusion power generation that can provide a next-generation energy source. The Department also provides instruction on a theoretical inquiry into the complex behavior of high-temperature plasmas. In this way, the Department aims to contribute to the advancement of fusion research and nurture high-level researchers with discernment and broad perspectives.

Prospective student for Department of Fusion Science

The Department seeks students who are strongly interested in and passionate about a broad range of research, ranging from the basic analyses to the applications, which is aimed at the achievement of fusion power generation; and have formidable intellect, abundant sensibilities, and the potential to develop into high-level researchers with discernment and broad perspectives.

Admission policy in Department of Fusion Science

  • We do the examination from the point of view of finding the appropriate enrollment properly in School of Physical Sciences.
  • To test comprehension, expressive power, insight, and English, the examination is implemented.
    It not only the score of the examination test, applicants personalities and qualities, motivation, etc., also taking into account a variety of potential, in the interview.