Requirements for Graduation/Required Number of Credits

Requirements for Graduation

Degree to be awarded

All the students who graduate from SOKENDAI obtain the degree of “Doctor of Philosophy”, “Doctor of Science”, or “Doctor of Engineering” depend on the contents of the doctoral theses.

[*Master’s degree]
Students who have registered in the 5-year course and are permitted to withdraw from SOKENDAI and have satisfied the requirements for obtaining a master’s degree as set forth in Article #16 of the Standards for the Establishment of Graduate Schools may be awarded a master’s degree.

Evaluation criteria for the doctoral thesis in the Department of Fusion Science

The doctoral thesis will be reviewed based upon the philosophy of the department and upon the perspectives of the internal and external members of the doctoral thesis committee regarding fusion research.

  1. Clarity of the objective and the academic significance of the research results
  2. Originality of the research
  3. Sufficient knowledge in the field of specialization and sufficient language skills for international activity
  4. Publication(s) in peer-reviewed journal(s) as first author or publication plans based upon results in the doctoral thesis