Domestic Research Institute

National Institute for Fusion Science National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Gifu Prefectural Ceramics Research Institute The University of Tokyo Osaka University Yamagutchi University Nagoya Institute of Technology Chubu University Shinshu University Rikkyo University Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology Shizuoka University

International Research Institute

Stanford University California State University Uppsala University Nis University Vinca Institute of Nuclear Science Institute for Plasma Research Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics Southwestern Institute of Physics China Institute of Atomic Energy Nuclear Power Institute of China Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences ITER

Private Company

NEC Corporation TOSHIBA CORPORATION Hitachi, Ltd. CHUBU Electric Power Co.,Inc. Ion Technology Center Co.,Ltd SHIKOKU RESEARCH INSTITUTE INC. SHIMADZU CORPORATION Bain & Company, Inc. Advanced Algorithm & Systems Co.,Ltd Toda Technology Service Intertek Japan K.K. Takasago Industry Co., Ltd. Numerical Flow Designing Co.,Ltd. Visible Information Center Inc. Thorium Tech Solution Inc.