The unique assets of SOKENDAI may be summerized in the following three points:

  1. Advanced specialist education in a research facility
    (that is, Inter-University Research Institutes [or IURIs] in Japan)
  2. Supervision by a large number of top-level IURI researchers in individual fields
  3. Inter-disciplinary education that cultivates a broad range of vision


Regarding (1), we provide an ideal education and research environment, offering direct access to large-scale experiment/supercomputing facilities, such as the Large Helical Device (LHD) and the Plasma Simulator (PS), at the world-class nuclear fusion research institute in Japan, the National Institute for Fusion Studies (NIFS).

This privileged environment enables students to develop their own research and achieve cutting-edge results in individual research fields.

Regarding (2), for the prescribed number of new students, 5, for each year there are approximately 50 teaching staff for fostering specialties and expertise in their individual research fields.

Students may be in daily communication not only with approximately 150 cutting-edge researchers at NIFS, but also with collaborating visitors and guest scientists in Japan and from abroad, and thus may find answers and solutions to research issues.

Regarding (3), joint education and academic exchange activities (see here) are always held in multiple departments or schools of SOKENDAI. Students may also attend seminars and collaboration workshops and symposia held at the hosting institute.