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10. Characteristics evaluation of foil detector for infrared imaging video bolometer using machine learning technique

Instructors Dr. Kiyofumi Mukai

Infrared imaging video bolometer measures plasma radiation as an image using pinhole camera technique. To detect plasma radiation with various wavelength, a multi-layer foil consisted of metals and carbon is used for the detector of a pinhole camera. In this topic, we will evaluate characteristics of the detector, e.g., distribution of emissivity and thermal conductivity on the detector, using machine learning technique.

*This topic will be carried out though the online system, such as Zoom. The necessary conditions for attending this topic are that you have your own PC, and that you installed Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, or Microsoft Office-compatible software to your computer.

(Left) Detector of bolometer, (middle) temperature profile with He-Ne laser irradiation, (right) temperature profile by heat-transfer calculation