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6. Radio-ffrequency waves in mixed ion plasmas

Instructors Dr. Hiroshi Kasahara

In plasmas, where there are various collective phenomena, the type of electromagnetic waves that can propagate into the plasma is limited by plasma parameters and other factors. Effective radio-frequency (RF) heatings have been explored in fusion reactors. Still, the kinds of these ions and their ratios make the accessibility for the waves that can propagate and be absorbed on the plasma core. In this assignment, students will learn the basics of wave propagation in plasmas, investigate the conditions of wave propagation and absorption when using multiple types of ions, and deepen their understanding of RF wave propagation in plasmas.

Wave propagation in plasma by electromagnetic waves in the Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequencies (ICRF) band for multiple ion species D(H, He), (H:10%, He:10%).
The left and right figures show the polarization components of ion and electron circular polarizations.