SOKENDAI course “Introduction to Project Management” will be held on 2/13-15, 2024

1. Outline :
This course aims to improve project management skills and problem-solving skills by broadly learning the basics of project management and examples of large-scale projects. Lecturers are Yoshiyuki Hasegawa (former JAXA International Space Station Program Manager), Miwa Nishinaka (Professor, Kagawa University) and SOKENDAI faculty members.

2. Schedule:

2/13 13:30-15:0090物理科学・高エネルギー加速器科学におけるプロジェクト
2/13 15:10-16:4090プロジェクトと信頼
2/14 9:00-10:3090プロジェクトマネジメントとは何かを経験する
2/14 10:45-12:1590はやぶさ2をプロジェクトマネジメントの構成要素からみる
2/14 13:30-15:0090想定外の事態はなぜ起きるのか
2/14 15:30-17:0090システムズ・エンジニアリング
2/15 9:00-10:3090宇宙飛行士の安全を守る方策―国際宇宙ステーションの危機管理―
2/15 10:40-12:1090プロマネと参謀

3. Place: Online (ZOOM)

4. SOKENDAI faculty members :
Satoru SAKAKIBARA, Professor, Fusion Science Program 
Hideo Matsubara, Professor, Space and Astronautical Science Program
Hiromitsu Inatomi, Professor, Space and Astronautical Science Program
Taro Sakao, Associate Professor, Space and Astronautical Science Program
Shuji Tanaka, Associate Professor, Particle and Nuclear Physics Program

5. Eligibility: Graduate students of SOKENDAI and other universities (for all master’s and doctoral courses).
Only those who have been approved by SOKENDAI may participate in the seminar.
(In case of oversubscription, priority will be given to SOKENDAI students.)

6.Number of credits: 1 credit
Credit will be granted to SOKENDAI students by submitting a report.

Graduate students enrolled at other universities who wish to receive credits should refer to “10”.

7. Language: Japanese

8. Application: Please submit the “Application Form” below by Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

The information with ZOOM will be announced individually after application .

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9. SOKENDAI students:
 Course Registration
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Students who wish to register for additional courses must obtain approval from their supervisor before submitting “Application Form” . Additional course registration will be handled by SOKENDAI. Students who do not wish to register for courses (for auditing purposes only, not for credit) should also submit the “Application Form” .

10. Credit accreditation from other universities:
If you are a graduate student from another university and wish to receive credits, please send an email to SOKENDAI(kyomu(at) by Monday, January 22, 2024 [strictly enforced]. We will inform you of the procedure.

11. Contact information:
About contents of this program
Satoru Sakakibara, Professor, Fusion Science program, SOKENDAI
Tel: 0572-58-2235 E-mail: sakakibara.satoru(at)

About the application form
NIFS Graduate Student Affairs Section
Tel: 0572-58-2042/2843 E-mail: daigakuin(at)

About credits for graduate students of other universities
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