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Application Process

Please complete the following items below and apply by e-mail.
The subject of the mail should be “Application for summer student program”. The deadline is June 30, 2023.
If you do not receive the reply e-mail within 2 days, please contact us again by telephone (+81-(0)572-58-2042).

******************** <Application Form> *********************
School name:
Department name:
School year:
Postal code:
Street address:
Phone number:
e-mail address:
Topic you wish to participate (First choice):
Topic you wish to participate (Second choice):
Topic you wish to participate (Third choice):
Reasons for applying to participate (within 200 words):

Please choose from the following topics.

1: Ion flow velocity measurement in an ECR plasma using laser-induced fluorescence method
2: Measurement of highly charged ion emission line spectrum by electron beam ion trap
3: Development of heavy ion beam probe for plasma potential measurement
4: Metallurgical Technology for fusion structural materials
5: Calibration of a spectroscopic system and measurement of the solar spectrum
6: Radio-ffrequency waves in mixed ion plasmas
7: Observation of hydrogen isotope migration in metals using vacuum system
8: Measurement with laser interference
9: Simulation studies on microturbulence in plasmas
10: Complexity plasma simulation with particle-in-cell method
11: Signal processing of fluctuation data causing plasma performance degradation
12: Any topics are acceptable for plasma experiment and fusion engineering (1 to 8)
13: Any topics are acceptable for analysis, theory, and simulation (9 to 11)
14: No preference