Students in the Department of Fusion Science study mainly at the Toki campus, located in Toki city, Gifu Prefecture. Toki campus is located on a hill about seven kilometers from downtown Toki city and Tajimi city. The area of the campus is fairly wide, at 470,000 square meters. There are facilities specialized for advanced fusion research activities, such as the Large Helical Device building, and the simulation science research building. The campus is located in a typical Japanese prefectural city. Students can enjoy a convenient urban life with a wealth of nature and in a rich local culture which has developed the Mino ceramics. Since daily life is relatively less expensive than in a large city, students can live comfortably with the help of the supporting system introduced on the next page. Many students belonging to other collaborating universities, such as Nagoya University, are studying at the Toki campus, as well. Communication with those students and researchers are quite active. And as there are many foreign students and researchers, you can improve your English through frequent discussions in English.