I took the five-year doctoral course program, and material research aimed at the development of vanadium alloys which are attractive candidate structural materials for breeding blanket of advanced fusion reactors.

I chose this five-year doctoral course in SOKENDAI because I had wanted to contribute to the realization of the fusion reactor. Furthermore, the departure from my hometown of Tokyo for an unfamiliar place of Toki city in Gifu was likely “diving into the new world” to me. I had this little excitement that it would be very enriching and remarkable experiences of my life.

Although it is not simple when you wish to study fusion science, the fusion science research is an interdisciplinary research that you need to learn multiple specialized areas consequently and its field is diverse.

On a first year, you will learn extensively basic of the plasma physics, simulation science and the fusion system with a study of magnetic-confinement fusion science. Based on those studies, there is a great educational system that you will be able to choose your specialty from various fields, and to select a supervisor from among specialists of fusion science. You will have a great opportunity to determine which field is appropriate for you.

I chose the division of the material science for fusion reactors for my specialty. It’s worth to challenge in the process of designing a something new alloy by my own hands. I have felt a great sense of accomplishment when I was able to finish my thesis about creating an alloy after I spent a lot of effort on it.

Although it seems a large hurdle to go to the five-year doctoral program course if you are at the stage of undergraduate, let yourself experience the challenge, and join a project of the fusion reactor realization.